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Here at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Signature Service we offer an industry-leading suite of training opportunities – live, online, or self-paced. This will ultimately allow our agents and brokers to achieve their highest level of success!

  •  Comprehensive Working Environment
  •  High Level of Inspiration and Stability
  •  Industry Professional access at your fingertips

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  •  Cooperative Broker Support
  •  Business Planning and Consulting
  •  Digital Marketing Solutions
  •  New Agent Training and Continued Education
  •  Strategic Growth Planning within your Business
  •  Resourceful Lead Generating Tools
  •  Globally Trusted Brand
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Changing the Business of Real Estate

Business Consulting

Our skilled business consulting team is there for you in person and via phone to help you make the most of your brand affiliation

Visionary Technology

Access to a comprehensive suite of online, print and property marketing templates designed to drive your business!

Trusted Brand

We have built our company on a brand that’s been an integral part of homes since 1924 – A brand deeply committed to a greater quality of life for individuals, families and communities.

Here’s what people have been saying!

"I have been a licenced real estate agent since 1987 and I have worked for both independent brokerages, and national franchised brands. I received a call from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate offering me an opportunity.  I had no intention of moving brokerages at the time, although I was somewhat unhappy where I was. 
I decided to meet with them, I was impressed with the atmosphere of the company, their business plan for growth , but also with their visionary leader, Broker, Nelson Goulart. It was than that I made the decision and joined Better Homes and Gardens on December 27th, 2006.
That decision changed my life tenfold in so many positive ways.  The office culture is that of family, and business colleagues. We all respect one another, and share our experiences to help one another.  There is never a feeling of mistrust between agents.
Our Broker of Record, Nelson Goulart is a true visionary, and he is the reason why we have such a great office. He supports both the new and seasoned agents equally creating an environment for both to prosper. Nelson maintains an open door atmosphere making him available to answer questions, give advice, or to listen. The training he offers to all of us surpasses any I have experienced in any other office. He keeps us abreast of all the new tools we as agents can use to help our clients, and to make his agents more successful.  We are very proud of our service rating as an office, a rating of 98% from our clients." 

Gloria Valvasori, Sales Representative Better Home and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service, Bokerage 

"When I decided which brokerage to join after I got my license, I knew I didn't care to work for any of the big brands. I wanted to ensure that I had a good broker who doesn't sell, and is big on training and developing their sales people.

Better Homes and Gardens is a tight knit group that is open to sharing ideas and is a friendly and helpful environment. If you're a team player and would like to be in a work environment that is open to sharing, with a same team mentality, this office has it and it starts from the leadership right down to the administrators.

As a new agent, I didn't know where to begin and with the training and guidance, I am now 5 years in the business, I have been able to grow my business to levels I didn't think was possible. If you're willing to take direction and work hard, you can also do the same. I would recommend anyone who wants a career in real estate to seriously consider joining the Better Homes and Gardens family

Steven Ho, Sales Representative
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Signature Service, Brokerage
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