Clarkson was founded in 1807 and named after one of the original settlers; Warren Clarkson who’s home remains standing making it one of the oldest houses in the area. Clarkson is continuing to grow and modernize itself as is evident in the different pockets within the community.  This neighbourhood is ideal for families, due to the availability of the Clarkson Park; it is also home to the Rattray Marsh.  Rattray Marsh is a protected natural conservation area.  For those who enjoy nature, it contains nature trails to walk through the marsh.  Clarkson is also ideal for young individuals looking for a place to enjoy a night out, or a relaxing evening with friends at one of the countless restaurant options. 

The historic village section of Clarkson is a wonderful area maintaining their village characteristics and incorporating the close community feel that is important to those buying in the area who are seeking this type of atmosphere.  The historic village contains a variety of shops, and restaurants for its community to enjoy.  There is a range from post war style homes, which are split-levels, bungalows as well as common in the area to find detached and semi detached homes. For those seeking prestigious and exclusive homes this is located in the Rattray Marsh area, which are in certain cases custom homes and have a modern design to them. 


These are the schools located within the Clarkson location, they are a combintation of both Catholic and Public schools.

Public Schools                                                                        Catholic Schools

Clarkson Public School (Grades K-5)                                        St Christopher School (Grades Jk-8)
Elmcrest Public School (Grades K-5)                                        St Helen School (Grades Jk-8)
Owenwood Public School (Grades K-5)                                    St Louis Elementary (Grades Jk-8)
White Oaks Public School (Grades K-5)                                   Iona Catholic Secondary School (Grades 9-12)
Willow Glen Public School (Grades K-5)
Green Glade Senior Public School (Grades 6-8)
Hillcrest Middle School (Grades 6-8)
Hillside Sr. Public School (Grades 6-8)
Clarkson Secondary School (Grades 9-12)


Clarkson Mediterranean Bistro
Mango Rain
Michael’s Back Door
Clarkson Fish and Chips
Mickey’s Pizza


GO Bus & Train Station

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