East Credit
East Credit is a community that focuses mainly on detached and semi detached homes, with some townhouses within. Those living in the community are primarily homeowners; therefore it creates a stronger sense of community amongst neighbours.  The homes range in age being roughly around 20 years old, meaning the homes are neither dated nor overly modern but meet in the middle of the two. The community itself is diverse both ethnically as well as the age of residents, allowing for a diverse atmosphere amongst neighbours. There are various shops to visit, primarily at the Heartland Town Centre, which holds numerous shops as well as restaurants within it.


These are the schools located within the East Credit location, they are a combintation of both Catholic and Public schools.

Public Schools                                                          Catholic Schools

Britannia Public School (Grades K-5)                         Our Lady of Good Voyage (Grades Jk-8)
Edenrose Public School (Grades K-5)                          St Bernadette (Grades Jk-8)
Whitehorn Public School (Grades K-5)                       St Dunstan Elementary School (Grades Jk-8)
Willow Way Public School (Grades K-5)                     Saint Gregory School (Grades Jk-8)
Fallingbrook Middle School (Grades 6-8)                  St Herbert School (Grades Jk-8)
Rick Hansen Secondary School (Grades 9-12)          Saint Raymond (Grades Jk-8)
                                                                                             St Valentine Elementary School (Grades Jk-8)
                                                                                             St Joseph Secondary School (Grades 9-12)


East Side Mario’s
Pho Mi 99 Vietnamese Restaurant
Milestone's Bar and Grill
Heart Sushi



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